LeBron James has had an incredibly successful career in the NBA and has achieved almost everything you could imagine. Perhaps one of the biggest accomplishments that have escaped him, however, is an appearance on the cover of a "Wheaties" box. The infamous cereal has had numerous incredible athletes on its cover before, but never LeBron. Well, now, that's changing as LeBron recently unveiled his "Wheaties" box to the world while in the NBA bubble. His team is on the verge of a fourth NBA title, so it only makes sense that they would finally honor him. 

What makes this "Wheaties" box so unique is the fact that it also features kids who go to LeBron's "I Promise" school, on the back. The "I Promise" initiative has helped countless kids get an education and it remains a huge source of pride for LeBron who continues to help children from his community.

With this latest accomplishment in mind, he will certainly be as motivated as ever to go out and win the Lakers a ring on Friday night. Game 5 goes down at 9 PM EST and fans will be glued to their television screens as they witness history in the making.