Yesterday was Air Max Day although, for many, it was one of the saddest Air Max Day's in recent memory. Of course, this is because we are all stuck in quarantine. Not as many people are trying to buy shoes and the day wasn't celebrated like it normally is. Regardless, some athletes took the opportunity to show off their collections to their followers. LeBron James is a Nike athlete and was one of the highest-profile people to take us through their closets.

In the 9-minute video below, LeBron can be seen going through a plethora of Air Max sneakers that range from rare to general release. Fans in the comments were pretty excited about what he was showing off and we don't blame them. LeBron has an incredible collection that will surely make sneakerheads everywhere jealous.

One thing that's important to remember here is the fact that LeBron is able to get pairs early and for free. As a Nike athlete, you are afforded certain privileges, especially if you're as good as LeBron. Regardless, it was pretty cool to see all of the old pairs he has. His collection is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and if you're a sneakerhead, his video was a must-watch.

Tell us in the comments below which Air Max shoe is your favorite.