While the average person can remember at least one day of grinding it out for minimum wage, the notion of making thousands per-hour remains a fantasy. However, the average superstar has long surpassed the days of living paycheck to paycheck. Now, Business Insider has provided a breakdown of which celebrities round out the top-five "hourly wages." The analysis was done by calculating each subject's annual wage, and dividing it accordingly.

Though no entertainer remotely holds a candle to the four million per-hour payouts received by Amazon's Jeff Bezos, the results remain impressive nevertheless. Business Insider's breakdown reveals George Clooney sits at the top of the heap, with a calculated twenty-seven thousand per-hour. Kylie Jenner comes in second with nineteen thousand, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson rounds out third place with approximately fourteen-thousand. Ellen Degeneres and LeBron James are neck-and-neck with $9,988 & $9,760 respectively, while Beyonce rounds out the top ten with $6,849. Taylor Swift also proves a lucrative voice, with an impressive $9,132; though Kanye once professed to make her "famous," clearly, the man's efforts may have been overblown.

For the complete breakdown, check out the report right here.