LeBron James is arguably the greatest basketball player of this generation and at 35 years old, he continues to surprise us with his play on the court. The Los Angeles Lakers veteran is currently in his 17th season in the league and at this point, he is looking ahead to his future. Part of his future is his family, which includes his oldest son Bronny. LeBron's namesake has been tearing it up in youth basketball and now, he is playing for Sierra Canyon High School in California.

Recently, Bronny came through with a scintillating highlight that made the rounds on social media. LeBron has a ton of pride for his son and in light of Bronny's accomplishments, he took to Instagram to offer a nice little tribute. As you can see, LeBron wants to give Bronny and the rest of his children the blueprint to success.

"It’s My Job to pass along to Blueprint so it allows him(his brother and sister) to Rumble Young Man Rumble! Heir to the Throne," LeBron wrote.

Bronny is currently 15 years old which means in a few years from now, he will be able to play for a college team, if he's good enough. From there, Bronny could potentially be in the NBA which would be quite the sight to see, especially if he somehow plays at the same time as his dad.