LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have known each other for a very long time. They used to be rivals back in high school and in 2003, they were both drafted into the NBA. LeBron James went first in the draft while Melo was the third pick by the Denver Nuggets. Over the course of their careers, they have been known as great scorers and while LeBron has been more successful, there is no denying that Melo is a fan-favorite.

Last night, LeBron and the Lakers were able to defeat the Portland Trail Blazers, who Melo has been having a career resurgence with. Following the game, LeBron and Melo shared a nice moment and today, LeBron paid homage to his long time friend with an Instagram post.

Per LeBron:

"Going on 20 years of friendship to date my brother and it will always be a privilege and honor to do what we love to do and that’s hoop! Never taking these moments for granted cause I just don’t know how many more we got together out there but what I do know is we have the rest of our lives afterwards to continue to live it up to the fullest. Love CHAMP!!!"

Melo will become a free agent this Fall although there is no denying his play this season will help land him on a team sooner rather than later.