LeBron James' political comments have certainly rubbed some people the wrong way, especially this past week after he posted the photo of the cop who killed Ma'Khia Bryant, with the caption "You're Next." LeBron eventually took the tweet down and simply stated that he wanted accountability from the police, although the damage has been done as many conservative voices want him out of the NBA. One such person is a Cincinnati bar owner named Jay Linneman who is now banning NBA games from his establishment.

The man believes LeBron needs to be banished and he will no longer support the NBA until it happens. In fact, Linneman wants all NBA players to stop talking about politics. LeBron ended up seeing this story and couldn't help but make a funny comment about it, as he took to Twitter with a light jab at the owner.

"Aww Damn! I was headed there to watch our game tonight and have a drink! Welp," LeBron wrote. LeBron has dealt with his fair share of hate over the years so it shouldn't be a surprise to see him come through with a sarcastic clap back. After a while, it becomes annoying having to deal with the stick to sports crowd.

Meanwhile, patrons at Linneman's bar will have to go about their drinks without any basketball to watch. After a while, that schtick might get old.

LeBron James

Harry How/Getty Images