Over the past few months, LeBron James has been showing off the talents of his son Bronny James Jr who is currently playing high school basketball. Bronny has released his own highlight tape and has been impressing scouts on and off the court with his work ethic and athleticism. It's clear that Bronny is a dominant force out on the court and has tremendous potential moving forward, especially with college ball on the horizon. Bronny Jr recently got his own Instagram account where he has been posting even more highlights that have made his father proud.

LeBron recently went on Instagram and posted a striking picture of Bronny looking to dunk over some unsuspecting opponents. The King's son looks like he's ready to decimate everybody on the court and has passion in his eyes. 

"It’s starting to get scary people!! 😱😤," LeBron Wrote. "We ain’t there but one thing about it We Working to get there and beyond! #YoungKing👑 #Bronny."

High profile coaches like Duke's Mike Krzyzewski have been fixtures at Bronny's games which just goes to show the kind of potential he has. Should Bronny end up going the college route, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see him in a Blue Devils jersey. Maybe one day he'll even get to play with his dad.