In case you haven't noticed, LeBron James isn't exactly a happy camper. After taking the brunt of a 128-115 loss to a Pelican team making do without Anthony Davis, LBJ questioned the urgency of his teammates in their pursuit of a bubble-playoff spot. 

"How many know what's at stake if you've never been there?" James asked after the game was said and done, with mics and camera equipment pointed directly in his face. It's not as if the local media didn't hold any responsibility in the matter - their questions serving to push the panic buttons closer into view.

"I'm playing devil's advocate, you know? It's kind of a fine line when you talk about that, because when you've never been there or know what it takes to actually shoot for something like that, sometimes you're afraid to get uncomfortable," he explained.

To make matters worse, while the Los Angeles Lakers plummetted in front on the road, their rivals for the final "bubble-playoff spots" picked up valuable points. Sacramento Kings bested the number three seeded OKC Thunder, who were consequently coming down from a tiresome back-to-back stand, which saw them pull off a double OT victory over the Utah Jazz, also in the playoff picture.

The Lakers remain two games behind the Kings in the 10 spot, as their Staples Center roommates cling to the 8th and final playoff position with more than 20 games left in the balance of the NBA schedule. Who do you see coming out the West, from the 5 spot downward?