When the Los Angeles Lakers were finishing up their season last year, there wasn't very much hope among fans. The team was promised an incredible season with LeBron James which ended without even a playoff spot. During the last stretch of the season, the Lakers rested their starters and allowed the bench players to get some prime playing time. This led to one man emerging as a folk hero amongst Lakers fan who know one expected to shine as bright as he did. Of course, that man was none other than Alex Caruso.

Caruso doesn't exactly look the part of a star but during the last stretch of the season, he played like one and LeBron took notice. Today, the Lakers released a entertaining highlight tape which featured some of Caruso's best plays as a member of the Lakers. James took to Twitter where he bigged up Caruso for his talents and even sparked hilarious reactions from fans who sarcastically called Caruso the "GOAT."

There is a ton of high profile talent on the Lakers this season so Caruso will have to go back to the bench, although fans will be interested to see how he develops moving forward.

If you're a Lakers fan, there is a lot to be excited about and while Caruso might not be the crown jewel by any stretch, his presence is amusing at the very least.