It isn't a secret that Alex Caruso is one of LeBron James' favorite teammates. Caruso has had some outstanding moments as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, becoming somewhat of a cult hero for diehard purple and gold fans. This week, Caruso added to his legacy by finding one of the few states where you can still get arrested for marijuana possession, catching a charge in Texas after a TSA agent found a grinder and less than two ounces of weed in his bag.

NBA Twitter was quick to react to Alex Caruso's arrest, joking that he doesn't just hustle on the court, but also off of it. Lakers' superstar LeBron James even took to his Twitter page to comment, replying to a fan's tweet about LeBron's potential reaction to finding out the news. The fan suggested that James would be quick to bail out his teammate from jail, to which he responded with a GIF saying, "Straight cash money."

The Lakers were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. Fans of the team have been urging the front office to make some serious personnel changes before the start of next season if they want to get back to championship contention for LeBron's final years. Alex Caruso is an unrestricted free agent this summer and he's set to earn the biggest payday of his career. Sources believe he will earn an $8-12 million contract.

Check out LeBron's reaction to his arrest below.