Police brutality has been ramping up all throughout the United States in light of the protests combatting, you guessed it, police brutality. Various videos have been going viral which showcase the sheer brutality in which some cops are operating, seemingly for no reason at all. Perhaps the best example of this needless violence was showcased in a now-viral video that depicts a Buffalo police officer shoving an elderly man to the ground, causing him to bleed from his ear.

In the video, none of the cops try to help the man although eventually, some National Guard members came and called an ambulance. LeBron James saw this clip floating around the internet and immediately spoke up, noting just how sad the state of affairs in the United States is.

Per LeBron:

"And I heard they put out a statement that he supposedly tripped and fell down. Man What!!!!! Don’t make no damn sense people. Don’t matter what color your skin is if you’re not angry seeing this you’re part of the problem too!"

LeBron has been very vocal about police brutality over the last week and we're sure he will continue to use his platform for good. What is happening right now is disgusting and it's important for high-profile people to call out these harmful power structures.