After a very difficult NBA Finals, Draymond Green was able to redeem himself in Game 6 as he scored 12 points and got 12 rebounds in what proved to be a very impressive win. With this victory, the Warriors claimed their fourth NBA title in eight seasons, and it was yet another line on Green's resume as one of the best defensive players to ever step on an NBA court.

Green has been part of this Warriors dynasty since the beginning and while he isn't the offensive juggernaut that Klay Thompson and Steph Curry are, he is still a very valued member of the team, and he will be for years to come.

Draymond Green & LeBron James

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

After the game, Green got to flash two bottles of Lobos tequila while on the court. Of course, this is the Tequila brand from LeBron James which Green has invested in. As a result of the brand placement, LeBron couldn't help but weigh in on Green's latest triumph as he took to Instagram with a short message.

"BYOT CHAMP!!!! Congratulations my brother!! Yessir," LeBron wrote.

Now, Green has just as many championships as LeBron James. To be fair to LeBron, he has always run into trouble in the Finals, and much of it has been out of his control. Either way, it's good to see him excited about his friend and fellow NBA peer.