In 2016, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers found themselves with their backs against the wall during the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors. They were down 3-1 in the series and they were getting badly outplayed by a Warriors team that had just come off of a 73-9 regular season. Despite this deficit, LeBron led his troops to a massive comeback for the ages that ultimately got him his third championship and the first-ever title for the Cavaliers.

Recently, SLAM magazine tweeted a hoops mixtape that showcases some of the best plays from the seven-game thriller, and LeBron James just so happened to stumble across it. This led to a bit of reminiscing from the Lakers star, who grew up in Ohio and made it his mission to bring his hometown a championship.

"Cant find a better one than this. This is the COLDEST mixtape of all time!!! A season-long of highlights in just 7 games! ELITE players from both sides making insane plays," LeBron wrote.

Since 2016, LeBron has been able to maintain his high level of play, and just last year, he took the Lakers to the title. Meanwhile, the Cavaliers have struggled mightily since LeBron left, and now, they are a fixture at the bottom of the standings.

Either way, 2016 was special and it's a year that Cavs fans will never forget.

LeBron James

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images