LeBron James has been known to get excited when watching his son's basketball games. You can tell that the Los Angeles Lakers star has a huge passion for the sport and loves to see kids upholding the basketball mantle that he had set out so many years ago. Having said that, LeBron was hit with some pretty hefty criticism recently due to his behavior at a recent AAU tournament. At one point, James could be seen running onto the court and even lost his shoe. Analysts like Jason Whitlock and Skip Bayless called out LeBron, while others rushed to his defense.

During a recent interview with TMZ, Gary Charles, the man who ran the tournament Lebron attended, revealed that LeBron didn't receive a single complaint and that parents actually loved James' energy.

"I thought it was awesome," Charles said. "The way he went out there and showed pure joy. But what I loved about it was that I was watching a father rooting for his son's team."

Charles also went on to say that LeBron was praising and supporting kids from other teams all week and that he wasn't just showing love to Bronny. As far as Charles is concerned, LeBron is stand up dude who should continue doing what he's doing.

"LeBron, I salute you. Keep doing your thing," said Charles.