LeBron James is one of the greatest NBA players of all-time which means he is most definitely a fantastic judge of talent. The man has played with some phenomenal players and as a result, he knows exactly what it takes to be a superstar in the NBA. While his Los Angeles Lakers might not be very good right now, there is no denying that he is always looking around the NBA for more potential teammates.

Last night, LeBron was bored due to the fact that there were no games to watch. As a result, he decided to conduct a Q&A on his Twitter, which led to some pretty interesting questions. At one point, LeBron was asked by a fan which young NBA star is currently his favorite in the entire league.

LeBron James

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, James answered "Luka Doncic." Doncic is someone who has constantly received praise from LeBron and the young superstar has already led his Mavericks to a Western Conference Finals. He scored 35 points against the Suns in Game 7 which helped propel his team to victory. With performances like that, it is easy to see why LeBron loves the kid so much.

Lakers fans are going to want a Luka-LeBron partnership sometime in the future, however, that is probably never going to happen. Either way, we're sure Luka fans will appreciate LeBron's support as the Mavs look to punch their ticket to the NBA Finals.