It's been a pretty topsy turvy season for the Los Angeles Lakers so far as they are struggling to maintain themselves in the playoff race. The team was as high as fourth in the Western Conference this season but quickly fell behind as LeBron James missed 18 games with a groin injury. Now the Lakers squad is in 10th place in the West and boast a record of 28-29. James spoke about this next stretch of games for the team and how important it is for the team to have some success.

"Obviously, we would have loved to have success when I was out, but we didn't, so this is where we [are] right now," James said according to ESPN. "I'm going to be a little bit different a little bit earlier than I would like to be in previous years."

LeBron also spoke about how he thinks the team will perform if an when they do get to the playoffs.

"Yeah, I mean if I can get to the postseason, whatever team I got, I feel like we've got a good chance," James said. "Obviously, you want to be playing at a high level going into the postseason and try to ride that wave, so we're looking forward to seeing how well we can play and try to get into the playoffs and ride the momentum of how we played to get there."

The Lakers will return to action tonight at home against the Houston Rockets.