When LeBron James decided to walk away from Cleveland for the second time and go to the Los Angeles Lakers, it was assumed that LeBron was going there because of the opportunities outside of basketball. So far, that assumption has been fairly correct. The Lakers star is now A&Ring the next 2 Chainz project and is now set to star in Space Jam 2, a follow up to the Looney Tunes classic from 1996 that saw Michael Jordan join forces with Bugs Bunny and company. If you loved basketball as a kid, Space Jam was the best and having a star like LeBron take part in the sequel only makes sense. During All-Star weekend, James made a special announcement, saying filming of the movie would take place this Summer.

Now if you remember, the first movie saw the Monstars take the powers away from NBA players such as Charles Barkley and Muggsy Bogues. This was also happening at a time when Jordan's basketball career was on hiatus so that he could pursue another athletic passion in baseball.

No one knows what the premise of this next movie will be but it should be interesting to see LeBron given a starring role in a Hollywood movie.

Either way, we're just excited that this is actually happening.