Lakers star LeBron James shared his excitement for tonight's episode of Saturday Night Live on his Twitter, Saturday. November 7th will be the first time legendary comedian Dave Chappelle has hosted SNL since 2016.

LeBron James, Dave Chappelle, SNLDouglas P. DeFelice / Gett Images

"CHAPPELLE SNL. TONIGHT," James wrote. "My brother about to flame that studio up tonight!!!. LETS GO!!"

Chappelle's timing for hosting the show, the episode following the Presidential Election, is no coincidence. His 2016 appearance was also aligned to fall after Donald Trump's presidential victory.

SNL cast member Kenan Thompson spoke about Chappelle's appearance with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week: "I know the show on Saturday is gonna be powerful," Thompson told Fallon. "He [Chappelle] complimented us yesterday. He made an insane speech, you know, before the table read. Did the same thing years ago. The guy is such a prolific speaker, and he speaks from the heart and a brilliant mind. And it's such a pleasure to be around."

James has been heavily invested in the election and has spent a majority of the week praising President-elect Joe Biden on Twitter and calling out Donald Trump. He's posted numerous memes since Election Day.

The Chappelle-hosted episode of SNL will air at 11:30 PM.