LeBron James has been nothing short of dominant in his 17th season in the NBA. This season, he is looking to win his fourth NBA title and there are many out there who think he can do it. However, his path to the Finals is easily one of the hardest in the entire NBA. Their first-round opponent was a worthy eight-seed and now, they have to go up against the Houston Rockets. Beyond this round, they are probably looking at a Western Conference Finals matchup against the Clippers which will surely make it that much more difficult to win a chip.

Last night, LeBron led his team to a huge Game 2 victory over the Rockets and one of the biggest highlights came from his huge dunk that saw his head become level with the rim. On this play, LeBron received an incredible pass from Alex Caruso that will certainly be on Sportscenter's top plays of the week. In fact, the pass was so good that LeBron took to Instagram to give Caruso a well-deserved shoutout.

"Go Go Gadget Calf Muscle! @acfresh21 trying to send me to the roof. Lol. I don’t mind one bit," LeBron wrote.

LeBron and the Lakers will be looking to take the lead in their series as Game 3 goes down on Tuesday night.