LeBron James is about to star in Space Jam: A New Legacy and fans are excited to see what kind of vibe the new movie will bring. Some are skeptical about the existence of this new film while others are hoping to see quite a bit of nostalgia once it hits the big screen. Over the past few months, LeBron has been doing a ton of promotion for the movie, and it seems like he is over the moon about this new opportunity.

Recently, James came through with a cryptic tweet that seemed to be an immediate reference to Bugs Bunny and Space Jam. While some interpreted it as his mindset heading into the playoffs, there is no denying that his tweet was quite ambiguous in terms of what he actually meant.

This ambiguity led to a whole slew of memes on Twitter and overall, they were quite hilarious. Most of these memes were still of old Looney Tunes cartoons in which Bugs Bunny was wielding various weapons. There were also some funny jokes about what this new "Space Jam" movie is going to be about and how it could be a lot more violent than we originally thought.

Twitter is always quick with the memes and at this point, that won't change anytime soon.