The coronavirus pandemic, unfortunately, hasn't gone away. And by the way, things are looking, it doesn't seem like it'll be going anywhere any time soon. Simple things like family gatherings have been deemed hazardous, and even heading to the store requires preventative measures.

Harry How/Getty Images

Ultimately, it's prevented humans from actually being in close contact with one another which makes pretty much any type of event impossible to host. LeBron James, fresh off of a massive win with the Los Angeles Lakers, took to Twitter last night after the Dodgers won the World Series last night expressing that he wishes L.A. could turn up together.

"Man can we PLEASE have a parade!!! I know I know we can't but DAMN I wanna celebrate with our Lakers & Dodgers fans," he tweeted. "LA is the city of CHAMPIONS."

Surely, plenty of people agree with LeBron James on this one including the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, who replied to James, saying he's down to do anything that follows social distancing guidelines and keeps the citizens of the city safe. Garcetti added that a parade is well-deserved for the efforts put in by the Lakers and the Dodgers to bring home major wins back to the city.

"Let's talk. I'm down for anything safe. And so proud of you and the team. Thank you for ending our 32-year drought," Garcetti tweeted. "And @KingJames you and the Lakers deserve the same. Thank you both and the @Dodgers and @Lakers for the best single month in LA sports history."

Looks like LeBron might be able to celebrate with the city in some capacity, after all.