Earlier today (March 13), Lecrae took to his Instagram account to release a personal statement about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, that has now reached levels of pandemonium. With the cancellation of events such as March Madness, Coachella, and the disease directly affecting public personalities, the United States is now of edge, and Lecrae took it upon himself to offer some words of encouragement to the masses who are on the verge of panicking. Lecrae Gives Thoughtful Coronavirus PSA 

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"Well, well, well we are out here in a certified pandemic," Lecrae began his brief message before delving in and letting his fellowship know that he is currently on his own personal research route of the now pandemic COVID-19. The 40-year-old emcee stated:

"I stayed up late doing as much research as I possibly could. I was on the phone earlier today talking on the phone with someone who is very close to a biotech scientist who spent their 50-year career working with viruses such as corona and actually on coronavirus. COVID-19 is a new strand of coronavirus, so corona has been here for a while. This is a new strand."

The "I Can't Lose" rapper then details that the virus directly attacks the respiratory system and urges his viewers to remain calm, to practice social distancing, and maintain effective sanitary conditions. The co-founder of the independent music staple, Reach Records, also notes that those arrogantly unphased by the life-threatening disease should also take precautions to protect those who might not have the strongest immune systems. 

The highly-popularized Christian rapper then decided to take things down the religious path, stating:

"God is in control. We live in a world that is broken. There have been pandemics, there have been wars, there have been bombs, there have been plagues since humanity's been here. It is not an excuse for us to act inhumane and for us to act as if God is not in control and as if he's not a God we can trust. He's brought people through it. Not without pain and not without suffering, not without loss. This shows me where my true rewards are, where my hope really is, where my faith really is." 

While he is one of the most skilled lyricists in the game today, he also has the wherewithal to remain studious, calm, and conscious about one of the most troubling times, the world has seen in regards to contagious infection. Check out Lecrae's informative coronavirus public service announcement in the video provided below. 

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