Fox's musical drama series Star was cancelled by the network earlier this month after just three seasons. Fans who watched the show were without a doubt upset by the news but nothing compares to the family on set, especially the show's creator Lee Daniels. 

Taking to Instagram, Lee posted a clip from the series that sees a heated reaction from Derek's grandmother who is upset her grandson would invite a white woman to her family BBQ. "Fighting guys! Will know this week... or top of next! 💫💫 I’m NOT letting them STOP the CULTURE.. SORRY!!" Lee captioned the clip. 

A few weeks back when the cancellation was announced, Lee tried to lighten to the mood with a blooper clip, showing off just how much fun the crew always had on set. "To our die hard @staronfox  fans please know this was not of my doing. Our cast and crew are 💔. Thanks to Ryan I have a series of bloopers that at least make this abrupt ending a little less painful ... couldn’t tag everybody in this, you’ll be tagged in the next one!! Lots of Love!"

Star is currently being shopped around to networks in hope of it being picked up so it can resume from its season three ending. 

"It was not the ending i imagined giving you or that this uncharted and important story deserved," lead actress Jude Demorest shared. "So, i want you to know i see you and i feel you!! and more than anything i love and thank you so much for all your fierce love. you’re a force to be reckoned with, that’s for sure. x forever your starletta."