Last month, SWV was confirmed to be hitting the Verzuz stage against fellow R&B singing crew XScape. The leading ladies of 90s R&B will go hit for hit on the popular music battle show tomorrow, Saturday (May 8th). While the highly anticipated battle is set to be a great show, one member of SWV may find herself a little distracted due to recent allegations against her son. 

Khiry Lyons, the son of Leanne "Lelee" Lyons of SWV fame, is accused of allegedly abusing a woman named Alexis Symone. In a video shared by Symone on social media, she claims Lyons bruised her shoulder, claiming officers have footage of the assault taking place. "This motherf*cker is lying!! This n*gga came to meet us at Harolds. He then wanted us to leave to go get drugs and we all got in my car!!" wrote Symone in her Instagram story.

She continued, "The fact that he's making up an entire f*cking story up is insane b*tch the police literally have you on camera hitting me!! I don't need no f*cking clout! I don't wanna be famous!" 

She added a subsequent screenshot of a text message exchange between her and the famous singer's son accentuating what she described in her previous story. She continued in a second post where she noted, "And if you didn't hit me, why did you run off? Why is there footage?! Are you crazy?!" 

Lyons has claimed the allegations are completely fraudulent, sharing a simple message in his story reading, "Lol. It's a kap. It's a klout chase. It's a jay. #disrespectfully." 

As of right now, Leanne Lyons has yet to come forward in response to the allegations against her son. We'll keep you updated as this story develops.