The New York Mets famously won the World Series back in 1986 with one of their most infamous players being Lenny Dykstra. Known for his trash talk, Dykstra is now being accused of taking his words a bit too far during Game 3 of that world series. In a recent article, Dykstra's former teammate Ron Darling is claiming that Dykstra hurled a plethora of racial insults at Red Sox pitcher Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd. Dykstra even hit a home run against Boyd in the game.

“Oil Can was on the receiving end of the ugliest piece of vitriol I’ve ever heard — in a bar, on a baseball diamond … anywhere,” Darling wrote, via “I don’t want to be too specific here, because I don’t want to commemorate this dark, low moment in Mets history in that way.” Darling event went on to say that the insults were “worse than anything Jackie Robinson might have heard.”

Dykstra has replied to the accusations, saying they are categorically false and that he actually intends to sue Darling for defamation.

“None of this is true and I can prove it,” Dykstra told “For one thing, during a World Series game, you’re supposed to be focused, not (acting out) like he’s suggesting.”

Dykstra added that he will sue the publisher as well for not doing their due diligence. 

“I’m going to sue him and the publisher,” Dykstra told the New York Post. “I wrote a book myself. I had 30 lawyers calling me fact-checking everything. There is not one person to back this up, because you know why, it’s not true. It’s all a lie.”.