Zoe Kravitz and her father Lenny teamed up with popular luggage company Tumi to film a campaign that allowed them to head home to the Bahamas and explore their roots and ancestry. The video below shows the beautiful landscape of the island as Zoe and Lenny drive through the plush country and end up at a vacant beach house that was where Zoe's great-grandfather lived. 

“I thought it’d be nice to go down to the end of the island and show you a bit of our family history, pay a little respect to our elders and the people who came before us. I think we’ll get a lot out of it.” Lenny says in the video.

Overall, the trip brought the father and daughter even closer where Lenny reflected on his daughter's accomplishments explaining how he could have never expected her to be such a hard worker. 

"But I think that’s how you raised me and that’s how grandma raised you and I think that’s how grandpa raised her,” Zoë responds. “But everyone has taken it to the next level in their own way, allowing the next person to take it even further.”

“That was grandpa’s dream,” Lenny adds. Watch the full clip below.