What do you do when you have 700 old football trophies just collecting dust? Melt them down and make some dumbbells. 

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette recently teamed up with MET-Rx to have 700 of his old trophies recycled into weights for Raines High School in Jacksonville. 

In a recent interview with SB Nation's Zach Goodall, Fournette discussed how growing up in New Orleans has impacted his decision to give back to high school athletes.

Per SB Nation,

"It was rough [growing up in New Orleans' 7th Ward]. Nobody with a big name ever came back to us or helped us out. My whole task is to be a difference maker, you know and give the young kids hope, and motivate them."

The #4 overall pick says he plans on seeing the Raines HS football team in action whenever he gets the chance.

Per SB Nation,

"Whenever I have time I'm going to come back and visit, and come see their games," Fournette says. "I mean, that can go a long way. You never know, could always spark some energy, spark the room up."

Check out the video clip below.