Ever since the Mark Sanchez era, the New York Jets have been abysmal. Year after year, the team struggles to make the playoffs and they've continued to look for solutions to their problems although nothing has been able to work. There promising young quarterback Sam Darnold is out for the next few weeks with Mono, while the team as a whole has been struggling to put up any offense. On Sunday, the Jets lost once again, this time at the hands of the almighty New England Patriots by a score of 30-14.

Le'Veon Bell was signed by the team in the offseason and many felt as though he could be the player to make the Jets good again. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case and now, he's clapping back at the hater. Bell has heard what everyone has to say and based on the tweet below, it seems as though he's fed up.

Bell seems convinced that the Jets will be able to turn their season around although at this point, the playoffs seem like a bit of a distant dream. The AFC is loaded with some pretty strong teams and the Jets will have to be near-perfect if they want any chance at the postseason. 

As of right now, their best chance at stringing together wins will be against the Miami Dolphins who look as though they're purposely giving games away.