NFL Network analyst Ian Rapoport has been informed that Le'Veon Bell's standoff with the Pittsburgh Steelers will likely come to an end on Saturday, although it's not absolutely certain. The sources Rapoport has contacted are essentially Steelers' reps who have the greatest insight into the situation from both sides.

The belief around the team is that Le'Veon will return on Saturday, so he can receive his $900,000 game check, after which the running back will sit out the opener and begin preparation for Week 2, while his teammates take to the field. Le'Veon has no obligation to the team until he signs his franchise tender, but if that doesn't happen, his NFL salary ill be forfeited another week. He has until Saturday to make his cost/benefit benefit with $900,000 of his $14.45 million salary soon to come off the books.

As discussed in prior posts, Le"Veon Bell is stick and tired of having less determined control over his contract stipulations. For the second year running, the Pittsburgh Steelers have slapped the franchise tag on their star running back, limiting the negotiable term to a one-year contract. Le'Veon Bell is seeking a multiyear deal, at a higher premium, with more guaranteed money, but inevitably he may have to wait 'til next season.