Free-agent running back Le'Veon Bell dissed his former coach, Andy Reid, with an Instagram comment, in which he claimed he'd rather retire than play under Reid again. 

“I’ll never play for Andy Reid again,” Bell wrote. “I’d retire first.”

The comment came under a post from RapTV about someone who spent over $700 at McDonald's.

Le'Veon Bell, Andy Reid
Mark Brown / Getty Images

Bell signed on to play under Reid for the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 6 of the 2020 season.

While Bell didn't explain his beef with the Super Bowl-winning head coach, Reid didn't provide Bell with the typical amount of play-time that a three-time Pro Bowler would warrant.

Last month, Bell appeared to take a shot at Reid, but he didn't call out any one of his former coaches by name.

"Lol the only difference with the steelers was they gave me opportunity," Bell wrote on Twitter, replying to a fan who said he's been a let down the last three years since being a member of the Steelers. "Haven’t had that since I left, I probably need to play for a defensive minded head coach instead of these offensive minded guru’s ..."

Now knowing Bell's frustration with Reid, it's certainly possible this was a shot at the offensive-focused Kansas City coach.