Lewis Hamilton is one of the best race car drivers in the entire world and it's fairly easy to see how one could come to this conclusion. While driving in Formula 1, Hamilton has won six World Championships and is on the verge of his seventh as he continues to dominate the season in his Mercedes. Just two weeks ago, Hamilton tied Michael Schumacher's record for wins, with 91. Leading up to his tying of the record, many thought the record would never be broken, especially when you consider Schumacher's legendary status.

Well, today, at the Portugal Grand Prix, Hamilton did what no one else thought was possible. The Mercedes driver dominated the race from start to finish as he won with a 25-second lead over his teammate Valtteri Bottas. The win was the 92nd of his career and it allowed him to surpass Schumacher's record once and for all.

"Oh guys, I could not have done this without all of you. Thank you for continuing to keep believing in me. It is such an honour to work with you guys. An amazing job guys," Hamilton told his team over the car radio.

Now, Hamilton will be looking to extend his record and win his seventh title which will tie Schumacher for the most. If he wins a title next year, it will be safe to say that Hamilton is the Great Of All Time.

Lewis Hamilton

Jose Sena Goulao - Pool/Getty Images