When it was announced that Hollywood was taking on R. Kelly by having Time's Up join the boycott against him, it was uncertain what kind of impact that would have on his career or the allegations against him. Now, we're starting to see the results of what happens when you make celebrities mad: they make movies about you.

In the midst of a whirlwind of accusations, the Lifetime network has announced that they have greenlit not one, but two, original films about R. Kelly's rumored sex cult, with one being an original scripted film, and the other will be an investigative documentary series. 

According to the press release, the films will focus on the stories of women who have "fallen under the toxic spell of R&B singer R. Kelly." The films have apparently been in production for quite some time.

"We’ve been working for over a year to bring forth the stories of these women," said Joel Karsberg, CEO and Executive Producer of Kreativ Inc. "We are proud to team with Lifetime to shed light on these stories as well as an industry that has looked the other way for so many years."

Lifetime claims that the films will "lift the veil on the secretive inner world of R. Kelly, bringing to light the shocking allegations of abuse and twisted mind games."

Despite the myriad of accusations against him, R. Kelly has continued to remain professionally unaffected by anything. Whether or not these new Lifetime movies will change anything remains to be seen.

Via [A+E Networks]