This isn't the first time we've heard of the most based Lil B giving a lecture at a university. In April of 2012, Lil B gave his very first university lecture to the student of NYU. Now Lil B has once again hosted a lecture organized by University of California, Riverside, yesterday, February 5th.

The title of the lecture was, obviously, "Thank You Based God", it was apparently completely sold out. The Based God has since tweeted positive messages about the lecture, thanking the Riverside students and staff for having him. Lil B even blessed those in attendance with a freestyle, of which there is footage below.

We also have video footage of Lil B's introductory words to the sold out crowd. He begins, "thank you for being alive!", which is met with a warm round of applause. He also immediately apologizes for any bad grammar he may have through out his speech.

Check out the two video clips below.