Lil B "Katy Perry" Video

Nicolas James
April 30, 2014 10:15

Watch the Based God's new "Katy Perry" video.

"My love is real and I appreciate you, no money can separate us."

Last night, with 2.9 seconds remaining in overtime, the Memphis Grizzlies beat the Oklahoma City Thunder after small forward Kevin Durant botched an attempted 3-point shot. It hardly seems coincidental that, earlier in the evening, Lil B dropped a new video titled "Katy Perry," which Katy herself would later describe as a "lovely rare lullaby," further cementing his rightful place in recorded history. 

To assume this new release jinxed KD may be presumptuous, but either way, it's clear the Based God's curse remains strong. For those just tuning in, Durant made the mistake of describing Lil B's music as wack recently, and the two have been beefing ever since. The BG has actually challenged Kevin to a game of one-on-one, but he has yet to accept. Here's a word from the deity himself: 

"Katy, boo, I love you! Keep doing your thang, girl, I got your back. Also, for any other fakers ... stop leeching off Lil B and using his name for filth. You will never be forgiven."

Fakers, take note. Taking the Based God's name in vain is a grave sin indeed, whether you're a peasant or a professional basketball player. Know the ledge.

"Katy Perry" is available on iTunes. Word to all the girls that kiss girls.

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Lil B "Katy Perry" Video