The effects of the tropical storm that's been hitting several cities in Texas have been as widespread as they have been horrific. Houston has been the city hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey, with unprecedented levels of flooding leaving many without their homes, their belongings and, in a handful of cases, loved ones who've perished in the apocalyptic conditions. However, in the face of all of this destruction and distress, there have been helping hands cropping up from all corners of the music and entertainment worlds. Many celebrities, such as DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson and the Kardashian family have pledged hundreds of thousands of dollars combined to the relief effort that's going on in the Lone Star state at the time of this writing. Now, another well-known face from the rap community has offered up his services to the people of Houston instead of just donating a lump sum from his bank account.

Posting to his official Facebook earlier today (August 29th), Lil B has offered to give free verses to any artists that live in Houston and have been affected by the flooding that continues to displace many people from their homes, forcing them to seek shelter and safety elsewhere. According to the status that was posted, the verses will be delivered to the artists in question next month. There's no word on what kind of monetary value can be placed on this kind of gesture, but for a known hip-hop commodity like B to just give away verses is an act of incredible generosity regardless of the normal cost of doing such a thing. Commentors turned up after the post was made as well, praising Lil B for thinking of those in need and offering to help in a way that could potentially give an artist from Houston who's trying to break through and get to that next level more of a boost than a cheque could.

Lil B has quietly had himself a very successful run of events over the past few weeks, none the least of which was the release of his latest mixtape, Black Ken, which our readers hold in very high regard. You can check that record out here.