It was Lil Baby and 2 Chainz vs. Quavo and Jack Harlow last night during Bleacher Report's Open Run 2v2 basketball game. Three titans from Atlanta, as well as the Louisville don, had an intense game last night with $500K at stake. Chainz spent a large portion of the game cussing out the refs while Quavo made an early prediction that this game would solidify him as "the best hip-hop basketball player in the world." Unfortunately, Baby definitely can't say the same.

Lil Baby is an exceptional rapper and songwriter but basketball player, he is not. It was truly Chainz doing a large portion of the heavy lifting to earn them the seven points they scored. A highlight reel posted to's Twitter page edited footage of all of Baby's worst moments on the court, leading to some pretty hilarious memes. Some people compared his performance to that moment when Drake shot an airball during the Kentucky Wildcats pre-game warm-up a few years ago.

Even though Baby was subject to a bit of public humiliation, he took the L with grace. The rapper took to the 'Gram after the game where he shared footage of a lavish sauna. "After a hard L," he wrote along with a crying emoji.


Clearly, Lil Baby is aware of what his strengths and weaknesses are. He deserves an A for effort, at least.