This year, we've seen dozens of artists truly break out as they attempt to make a name for themselves. A few of the biggest stars to form in 2018 have been Lil Baby and 6ix9ine, who collaborated on the recently-leaked DUMMY BOY. Their track "Tic Toc" is a favorite among those who have listened to the unofficial version of the project. Given the Brooklyn rapper's controversial nature, he was bound to get brought up during Baby's new interview with Hot 97. 

The "Yes Indeed" artist posted up at Hot 97 to promote his upcoming project Street Gossip and during his talk, the host touched on a few pressing topics. There has been nothing hotter these last few days than anything regarding Tekashi 6ix9ine and she asked if the two had been in contact since he got locked up. Baby answered that he has no intent on reaching out to him until he gets out. He said, "I don't need to be talking to nobody in jail." The interviewer suggested that it's a risky situation considering all the calls are recorded, to which Baby nodded. 

While he won't be calling his buddy, he wishes he gets released from prison soon. As of right now, his trial date is set for September 2019.