If you thought Lil Baby's pornstar drama had subsided, you were highly mistaken. After adult film actress Ms. London revealed that she'd been paid by the rapper for sex, social media exploded. Jayda Cheaves, Lil Baby's girlfriend and the mother to his young son, was targeted by the public who shamed her for staying with the rapper through infidelities, while Ms. London was criticized for the way she brazenly spoke about what sex with Lil Baby was like. Ms. London has returned to social media to offer up an explanation and sort of apology for the controversy, while also dropping off more information about her encounter with "The Bigger Picture" rapper.

"Clearing out the air, their was a small misunderstanfing on what I said, I was drinking but what I said was factual dates were just not aligned," she tweeted. "And he was PISSED! I apologized and we were supposed to fix it for the public. Does baby love his girl ! YES!!!" Ms. London later added, "I need to start taking accountability me talking sh*t is literally my personality. It’s no clout involved this is just part of my personality if you play with me I got something smart to say."

"Baby loves his girl, he not out her just acting crazy but men will be men," said Ms. London. She rejected critics who told her she "fumbled the bag," stating that she never needed the money in the first place. "Got to keep it real we are all team Lil baby!" she added. "He’s good person maybe just horny. And I was just drunk and speaking to loud. My bad. Tryied to do damage control the internet was not having that. Feel like we should stop trending and let them be in love."

During her Twitter tirade, Ms. London also said she wasn't trying to be messy when she tweeted about Lil Baby, she was just intoxicated. She denied revealing the information for clout but confirmed that the rapper was in a relationship with Jayda when she slept with him. "Listen the rap drama is over let that man cheat in peace. We got bigger fish to fry."

"I am legit spelling everything wrong I’m a go ahead and log off because you’re not even gonna get the bigger picture," said London. Check out her tweets below to read more of her explanation.