Lil Baby has, unfortunately, found himself in more drama following a recent freestyle on Funk Flex where he appeared to shade the mother of his first child. The rapper hit the mic where he made some statements about his baby mother, claiming that she's telling their child that he's "not sh*t."

"B*tches lying like they creeping with me/ Knowing damn well she ain’t sleeping with me/ In the summertime I had a heater with me/ who the f*ck saying I ain’t lit/ I just spent 20 racks on my kid outfit/ baby momma bum she ain’t got sh*t/ why you tell my son that I’m not sh*t, you know I’m the reason that he got sh*t.”

Although he's made headlines regarding the dispute between Alexis Skye and his current girlfriend Jayda Cheaves, it was his first baby mother, Ayesha, that took aim at him "I never been a bitter baby momma. I've never kept my son away from his father rather he was helping support him or not because there has been times where he was so mad at me he went months without giving me a dime and I still held myself and my son down," she said.

"No matter the disrespect lil baby himself did or allowed people around him to do towards myself and my son I’ve been mature at co parenting for the sake of my son and the relationship he needs between his father and new sibling,” she said. “And the only thing that I’ve ever done to Lil baby was stop making myself accessible.”

Peep the full post below.