It's been a rough week for Lil Baby and it's only Tuesday (December 8). The Atlanta rapper kicked off the week with controversy after adult film star Ms. London came forward with titillating accusations. According to Ms. London, she was paid to have sex with the rapper, and she detailed that the encounter was the best she ever experienced. This, of course, brought Lil Baby's relationship with Jayda Cheaves to the forefront of the conversation as this is just the latest woman to emerge with accusations of sleeping with her boyfriend and father of her son. Soon, Jayda was being harassed by the public for standing by Lil Baby's side and it all began to take a toll as Jayda pleaded with people to stop.

The mother of Lil Baby's eldest son, Ayesha Howard, also wanted to share a few thoughts about the controversy as she criticized Lil Baby for his financial contributions. "You give a pornstar $6K for 30mins of sex but want the mother of your child to stretch 2K for 30 days for the child to live on," Ayesha wrote on her Instagram Story. She included a few dozen clown emojis to drive home her point.

"Yea this is pathetic!!" she added in another slide. The response to Ayesha's message has been divided, as some stated that $2,000 should be more than enough to take care of her son, while others believe that Lil Baby should contribute more as he spends money on expensive jewelry, luxury vehicles, and alleged sex with adult entertainers. Do you think $2K is enough?