Lil Baby hasn't been rapping for that long if you could believe it. Last month, the rapper did an interview where he admitted that he paid Gunna $100 to write songs for him back in the day. At that time, Lil Baby wasn't exactly focused on music while Gunna had fully invested himself into the game. Of course, admitting that someone else wrote your songs is still somewhat of a faux pas in hip-hop. Baby began to get a ton of hate for it. However, he recently clarified the statements in an interview with Big Boi but it seemed like he was doing a bit more backtracking than anything else.

"Gunna ain't never wrote no song for me," he said. "He just showed me how to rap, like, if he wrote a song, he wrote like what I got going on," he added.

In the previous interview that he did when he first spoke about his relationship with Gunna, he blatantly stated that he paid Gunna to write his raps. But he did clarify none of those songs ever made it out; they were more like references for practice.

"I done paid Gunna to write my songs. I never put the songs out but when I first started to rap, I used to like pay him $100 to like, 'Like I'mma give you a hundred, write something for me so I could go in and learn how to record it.' Like I ain't never like, recorded the songs and put 'em out but that's how I used to like practice," he said.