The Playstation 5 is one of the hottest items out right now and it's getting hard to get your hands on one. Earlier this month, the CEO of Sony confirmed that PS5s are gone and that everything has been "absolutely" sold. Despite the amount of hype behind the product, Sony evidently underestimated the demand.

Though Sony has assured that PS5s are on the way, many individuals are trying to figure out how to cop one of the new consoles in time for the holidays. For Monica, she pulled a few strings for her son but the PS5 he received was gifted by one of the hottest rappers in the game. Lil Baby, who was recently shooting a music video with Monica, came through with the PS5 for her son. 

"Melo! Baby! BABY! Tell 'em you gave it to 'em," Monica said with the PS5 box in her hand.

"From Baby to you," the rapper said quickly into the camera. 

"Young Melo, you better behave. I'm trying to tell you," she said. 

Monica shared a video of Melo's reaction to the gift. As expected, he was excited at simply getting a PS5 but after closer inspection, his face starting glowing by Baby's personal message written on the box. 

Have you managed to scoop a PS5 yet? Swipe through Monica's Instagram post with Lil Baby below.