Having attended Lil Baby's big birthday celebration back in December, it was only right for James Harden to feel the birthday love from the "All In" rapper when the time came around.

Celebrating his thirty-first birthday yesterday, James Harden was lucky enough to be graced with an exclusive studio session with one of the hottest rappers in the world (pre-Bubble, of course), spending time with Lil Baby in the lab. Clearly, Baby was appreciative of the time JH13 took out of his schedule to lock in with him, now considering him his brother. 

"I be at James Harden house, I'm all in Houston in the mix," says the rapper on "All In." Clearly, that was not cap. Baby posted a video of himself and the Bearded One together, showing the world just how close they are.

"Once we Lock in I consider you my brother," wrote Lil Baby on Instagram. "Happy 4 Day James Harden ... Wish you many more bro .... Preciate ya For Being a real one .... #rarebreed."

In the comments, Gunna, Trippie Redd, Lil Duke, Skooly, and more co-signed the message.

With James Harden currently being inside the NBA Bubble and the uncertainty regarding the remainder of the season after the Clippers and Lakers both voted to boycott the rest of the scheduled games, it can't have been the most stress-free birthday. 

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

We will keep you posted on everything regarding the possible boycott of the rest of the season. 

For now, let's all just wish James Harden a happy belated birthday!