Atlanta rapper Lil Baby has so many hit songs that he has trouble remembering all of his lyrics. When he was asked to finish his own lyrics from the 2018 song "I'm Straight," the multi-platinum artist looked seriously confused, seemingly wondering whether he even wrote those bars.

Every once in a while, Atlanta's Jewelry Unlocked hosts some of the biggest rappers in town for their luxury ice needs. Polo G, Rod Wave, and plenty of others have recently stopped by, including Lil Baby. As part of his visit, the shop's clerks offered a $1,000 discount on his purchase if he could finish his own lyrics. The video was posted to TikTok and, as you'll notice, Lil Baby royally failed the test.


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The last time he participated in this challenge, Baby allegedly told the shop's clerks that they went too easy on him. This time, he was tasked with finishing his lyrics from "I'm Straight," which he couldn't do. Jewelry Unlocked read him the following lyrics: "I'm cool on the love and the high-fives/You n***as can't keep up with my guys." The jeweler helped out Baby, who looked like he was racking his brain to come up with the response, but he wasn't quick enough to catch onto the song. It doesn't look like he got the discount.

Despite him failing on the first go-around, Lil Baby requested a second challenge, which hasn't been posted yet. We'll see if he can get his own lyrics next time. The pressure is on.

Revisit "I'm Straight" below.