Lil Baby appears to have found his next signing to the burgeoning 4PF label, hinting that he's found a singer that could be his next big project.

The rapper has been establishing himself as a mover-and-shaker in the music industry, operating as more than just a recording artist. When he's in the spotlight, he's one of the most exciting young rappers in the game. His album My Turn is one of the best-performing releases of the year, staying in the Billboard 200's Top 10 for 30 weeks before finally being overtaken. Out of the limelight, he's still working to become a major player in the business, signing and developing artists for his 4PF label.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Four Pockets Full already has a few talented artists signed, including 42 Dugg (who has a joint deal with Yo Gotti's CMG) and Rylo Rodriguez. Lil Baby has been adamant that he wants to sign a singer though, saying in a recent interview that he wants to find the next Selena Gomez. He might have just done so, hyping his fans up on Twitter.

"Think I found a girl artist," wrote the 25-year-old. "She’s a singer".

He didn't provide much more information than that but, already, people are wondering who he's considering offering a contract to, wanting to know more about this singer he's working with.

Do you think Lil Baby is building something special with 4PF?