Lil Baby and the mother of his five-year-old son Jason have been duking it out over social media in the past few months. Ayesha Howard, the child's mother, accused Baby of not paying for Jason's schooling on social media. Though this led to accusations that she was upset over designer handbags, she has since taken it to court, filing documents against the rapper.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Howard said that she wants a declaration of paternity and child support payments before detailing his finances. She said his net worth is upwards of $4M including his endorsement deals. She said one of those endorsement deals included the use of a photo of their son. Additionally, she revealed that Baby owns an array of high-end vehicles including two Lamborghinis that are a million each. She said she makes under $25K a year.

According to TMZ, Baby has filed papers in response to Howard. Baby said that he not only pays for "all expenses for the care, support and maintenance" of their son but also comes through with regular payments. But following Howard's recent filings, Baby is requesting joint legal custody of their son and primary physical custody. 

A judge has yet to rule on Baby's request but Howard issued a response in court, alleging Baby made these requests "in a retaliatory fashion and in an attempt to punish, harass, threaten and intimidate." She added that Jason has been in her custody since he was born.