Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves have been through a lot this past year although it seems as though there is love is so strong that nothing can really break them apart. Of course, many of the rough moments have come over the past month as the rapper has been accused of cheating on his woman with various porn stars. Even Teanna Trump joined in on the drama last week as she alleged that she has been with the My Turn artist.

Despite all of this, Cheaves and Lil Baby are still a couple, and this past week, Baby made sure to come through with a big gift for his boo. As you can see in the Instagram post below, Lil Baby gifted Jayda a massive diamond chain that has her name on it. 

The thing is simply huge and we can only imagine what a gift like this must have cost him. These diamond chains are no joke especially when they are of such a big size. Of course, Christmas was just last week so it makes sense that Baby would have planned such a massive gift.

Hopefully, these two have patched things up and can keep going strong in the new year.

Lil Baby

Rich Fury/Getty Images for Visible