At the very beginning of Lil Baby's career, he was wearing one of Lil Yachty's chains. Now, the tables have turned.

With Lil Yachty celebrating a birthday this week, turning twenty-three, the rapper was excited to open his presents to see what everybody got him. He was surprised when he unpackaged a jewelry box from Lil Baby, which contained a blinged-out chain representing his 4PF label imprint.

"This n***a @lilbaby_1 use to wear my chains when he first started rappin, now he buyin me one," wrote the birthday boy on Instagram. In the video, he holds the iced-out pendant and shows off the front and back. It was made by Icebox. "Wow I’m proud of u bro, I appreciate this too. #realistn***a #chainnotfromwalmart #yesbitchim4pftoo."

Of course, Lil Boat had to reference the fact that his Quality Control labelmate's chains are being sold at Walmart as bootlegs.

Baby confirmed the caption that Yachty used, stating that people always looked at him funny when he was rocking his friend's old chain.

"I used to wear that snowman chain n***as thought I was fuccin with them," he wrote in the comments.

In addition to the 4PF chain, Lil Yachty also got a brand new Ferrari from the heads of Quality Control, Coach K and P. Happy birthday to Lil Yachty!