Lil Baby knows his worth and he's not afraid to ask for his money upfront. The Atlanta rapper has had a sensational year thus far, which included the release of his first-ever #1 album My Turn. Being recognized as Lil Wayne's favorite rapper in recent weeks, Lil Baby is shooting his shot at his label, demanding more money before he quits music altogether and returns to the streets.

Hopping on Instagram Live following the release of his new single "All In" from the upcoming deluxe edition of My Turn, Lil Baby sent a message to Kevin "Coach K" Lee and Pierre "P" Thomas to run him his money or he's heading back to hustling.

Lil Baby
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

"I told my label they need to give me $5 million or I'm going to hustle, fuck it," said the rapper on Instagram Live. "Give me $5 million or I'm doing what I do."

Considering the fact the Lil Baby is easily one of the hottest rappers in the entire game right now, Quality Control would be smart to run him his money. After the success of My Turn, there's no telling how big the 25-year-old Atlanta native will become in the years to come, and $5 million is well-deserved at this point in his career.

Get your money, young king!