Another TikTok trend has hit social media and Lil Baby is its latest victim. On TikTok, users are tricking their friends and family members by imposing faces on random bodies and switching their genders. For example, a woman took photos of her female best friend, made her picture masculine and turned her into a man, and then sent the photo to her friend asking her if she thought the "guy" was attractive because she had a date with him. Some friends immediately caught on that it was them in the photos, however, there were others who thought the men were real. 

Lil Baby, Shakima Reels, Meme
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

A person used a photo of Lil Baby and decided to trick their mother. The rapper's face was cut out of one of his photos and placed on an image of a woman. The person texted the fake picture to their mother and wrote, "Mama you know this girl from school?" Matter-of-factly, their mother replied, "Yes shakima reels." 

The screenshot of the exchange quickly went viral, and eventually, it landed at Lil Baby's doorstep. "Tell y'all mamas to stop playing with me ðŸ˜‚😂😂😂," the rapper tweeted. It was good to see that he laughed it off. Check it out below.